For Sale: 1974 Yamaha DT100 (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) $500

This is what I’m talking about. This 1974 Yamaha DT100 doesn’t run, probably needs an engine rebuild, but for $500, it’s worth it. If you live near Philly – I’m about 2 hours from there but I already have a project bike – and you’re looking for a dirt bike project, here you go. Craigslist

Revival Cycles of Texas

This Austin, Texas crew is pretty bad ass. I don’t fawn over everything they build, but everything Revival Cycles builds looks impressive. So if you’ve got tens of thousands of dollars burning a hole in your hip’ster skin jeans pocket, Revival Cycles looks like a serious shop doing good work. Revival Cycles 5305 Bolm Rd

Birdcage BMW?

Revival Cycles builds some crazy bikes and this Birdcage BMW is definitely different. Setting aside the insane amount of money this bike would cost to build, would you ride this? For me, it’s too impractical. Riding it seems like an unpleasant experience. As art, motorcycle art, I dig it. Revival has a bunch of photos

Motul FIM 2020 Superbike Schedule

You can read the press release announcing the calendar. I don’t recommend it though, it’s one of the most poorly written press releases I’ve ever seen. Whoever is doing the press for Dorna Sports needs to rethink their strategy. Download PDF