Why I ride

No one has ever asked me why I enjoy riding motorcycles, but social networks are all about answering questions that no one has asked, or cares to know the answers.

There are several reasons why I ride.

One is that I like to feel the wind in my face and smell the smells while riding. It’s an experience you can’t get in a car, even with the windows down, maybe in a convertible. You can get it on a bicycle, but you have to work a lot harder for it.

I also ride because it can be thrilling. Opening up the throttle and blasting through some tasty s-curves is about as fun as operating any motor vehicle gets. Leaning deep into a curve to the point where you feel like you’re leaning way too much, is amazing. You have to put faith in the bike and your tires and the road that the bike stays stuck to the road. I’m not trying to pretend that I’m some super-moto rider putting a knee down through every corner. I ride an old ’70s Honda, I’m not getting that fancy with my riding.

And that leads to my final reason why I ride, I like working on motorcycles. That’s why I have an old ’70s Honda – that and I’m basically broke, and it’s apparently impossible to make a living in Vermont. But knowing that because of my mechanical skills my bike stays safely on the road, feels really good.

That’s why for me, when I own a motorcycle – I’ve gone several years without a bike – it becomes a part of my life that a car never does. Cars are practical. Motorcycles are personal.

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