West America

West America

West America

West America is a blog detailing motorcycle travels, adventures, builds and busts from two guys in Portland, Oregon.

One of the dudes – I wasn’t able to find his actual name, but I didn’t try that hard either – owns Crow Metal Co. The other guy, Jordan Hufnagel, runs Hufnagel Cycles.

Here’s how they describe the West America web experience they’re trying to create.

It's about a belief that it will always work out.  It's popping wheelies and getting rad, breaking that back tire loose and jumping off cliffs.  It's about working your ass off for something, or to do something right. Family, where ever you find it. Overcoming fears and discovering new ones.  It's about being nice, stoking out other people, and high fives.  It's about letting yourself constantly evolve cause you know that you'd have to be an asshole not to. It's about being rad, and having that full chested feeling of a swollen heart everyday.
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