Vermont Ride: Montpelier to Bristol

It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon, the kids were taking their afternoon naps and I needed a ride. I wanted to go far enough that I felt like I went somewhere but not too far that I’d be tired when I got home.

I went to Bristol and it was exactly what I had planned for on my ’78 Honda CB400.

I headed out down Route 2 to Route 100 towards Waitsfield. As far as Vermont roads are concerned, that stretch of Route 100 that runs along the Mad River is pretty good road.

Just south of Waitsfield I headed west on Route 17. That took me through the mountain pass and by the Mad River Glen ski area.

Route 17 through the mountains was really twisty with hair-pin curves. Unfortunately, unlike Route 100, Route 17 was in pretty rough shape. While it was tempting to blast through some of these curves, there is just no way to know whether there’s going to be a suitable road to ride on when you come out of the turn. Sadly, most of the Vermont’s roads are not safe for motorcycles. Route 17 had huge cracks that were as wide or wider than a motorcycle tire. I really had to pick my path and take it slow.

The views were spectacular though.
Vermont Mountain View
I had lunch at a small diner in Bristol called Snap’s. The cheeseburger, fries and two beers came to $21 including tip. The burger was decent and the beer was cold.

I went back the same was I came. The next time I do this ride, I’d like to check out some of the dirt roads that shoot off Route 100 and Route 17.

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