Upgraded Tail Light, new Winkers and Chopped Rear Fender on the 1978 Honda CB400

I’ve had this bike for a few years now. I’m finally getting around to some of the cosmetic improvements I’ve been wanting to do. This time I’m cleaning up the back end lights.

This 1978 Honda CB400 has all of the original lights. Aside from the fact that I hate the huge plastic things created in the 1970s, the original tail light just wasn’t safe – it was so dim.

Here’s the before photo.

And as you can see, the new light is way smaller and not a giant chunk of plastic. I got the light from Dime City Cycles.


I also chopped up the rear fender.


The old winkers mounted on this huge bracket/handle contraption. I chopped it up and got rid of most of it. I still have to plug the holes on the portion I kept where I cut it. I’m thinking it will be cool to thread a bolt in there.


The only tricky part was making custom spacers for the new winkers. They mounted on a round part of the fender so I needed to create a spacer for each one that allows the winkers to hang straight (pretty straight). I made the spacers from a small piece of metal tube I picked up at Tractor Supply for like $2. I just ground it down to match curvature of fender.

Here’s what it looks like now. The entire project cost about $100.


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