Benjie’s Cafe Racers: Triumph Thruxton Steampunk Racer

Bennie’s Cafe Racers does it again. Check out this Triumph build. In building this bike, we wanted to evolve and stay away from the traditional look. We wanted something different and have that urban industrial feel. This bike started as a 2008 triumph thruxton with only 6,000 miles. Just like any of our bikes, we

For Sale: 1970 Triumph Trophy (Everett, Washington) $3,800

Located in Everett, Washington is this 1970 Triumph Trophy. It looks mint and the seller is asking $3,800. I can’t see dropping that kind of cash for a 250cc bike, but if this is what you’re into, this one looks really nice. It also comes with an additional BSA gas tank. This bike has been

For Sale: 2010 Triumph Thruxton (Portland, Oregon) $6,500

Here’s a 2010 Triumph Thruxton for sale in Portland, Oregon. It looks like it’s in mint condition. The seller is asking $6,500 and it has 19,000 miles on it. They sell new for $9,000. For reference, here’s what I’ve published about Triumph’s for sale.

For Sale: 1973 Triumph Bonneville (Shelton, Washington) $3,300

I want this bike. It looks awesome. I might try and talk the seller down from $3,300, but I wouldn’t expect the price to come much. A 1973 Triumph Bonneville 750 is the bike that I need to have in my garage. Normally when I see 70s era bikes, particularly the Japanese brands, I want

For Sale: 2005 Triumph Bonneville (Vergennes, Vermont) $2,300

This looks too-good-to-be-true, but here’s a really nice looking Triumph Bonneville for sale in Vergennes. The selling is asking $2,300. That seems a bit low, so if you’re in the market for a Bonneville, this could be a great deal if it’s as nice as it looks.