For Sale: 1974 Suzuki TS185 (Kirkland, Washington) $800

Here’s a 1974 Suzuki TS185 for sale in Kirkland, Washington. The seller is asking $800 for it. It doesn’t run and the gas tank is all dented up, I could see doing $250 or $300 on this. If I have to trailer the bike home, I’m not paying top dollar.

For Sale: 1977 Suzuki GS1000 (San Jose, California) $3,800

I found this 1977 Suzuki GS1000. It looks pretty cool. However, I know everything is more expensive in California, but $3,800 seems high for this ride. That exhaust looks incomplete. I’ve never been a fan of just throwing away the mufflers and call it custom exhaust. So it needs several hundred dollars in exhaust and

Hans Muth’s Bandit

Hans Muth’s Suzuki Bandit custom bike looks great, you can read all about it on Bike EXIF. Muth is clearly a talented designer and that shows in his work. But while I can certainly see why many will ooh and coo at this bike, I find it uninspiring. With the resources at Muth’s disposal, I