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My wanted list

Here is my list of bikes I want. Kawasaki H2 750 Yamaha R5, RD350, RD400 or RD400 Daytona Honda CL350 or CL450 Honda CX500 Triumph Bonneville There are more. This is a growing list of bikes I can’t afford, maybe some day I’ll build my fleet.

Custom Kawasaki Cambodia

While sniffing around for dope cafe racers, I stumbled across this Kawasaki by Moto Cambodge – a custom builder in Cambodia. I spent a few months in Cambodia in 2008, it surprises me to see a custom builder there. Judging by the Facebook photos, it’s owned and run by non-Cambodians, but it’s still awesome. I’m… Read more »

Kawasaki W650 “SC Rambler”

I love this bike. It’s customized without being over designed. This is what I’m trying to accomplish with my CB400. I went with euro bars instead of scrambler bars. I have Shinko 705s instead of these Pirelli’s. Next I will be chopping the fenders and painting them black, just like this W650. I like it… Read more »

Kawasaki TR250 Scrambler

The fine folks at Bikeshed have the story on this Kawasaki TR250 scrambler. I love this bike, the only thing I’d change is that I’d lose the stock mirrors and go with bar-end mirrors, or rather one bar-end mirror on the left. Read the entire story on this bike over at Bikeshed.