For Sale: 1978 Honda CX500 (Altus, Oklahoma) $4,000

I love CX500s, they’re like a poor man’s Moto Guzzi. Here’s one for sale in Oklahoma. It has a nice new seat and few other small upgrades. It’s mostly stock. The exhaust has been cut off, so there aren’t any mufflers or tail pipes (I’m not sure why people do that, I guess to make

For Sale: 1979 Honda CB650 (Madison, South Dakota) $699

Looking for a donor bike to chop up? Here’s a 1979 Honda CB650 for sale in Madison, South Dakota for $699. The issue I have with this era of the CB, I own a 1978 CB400, is that the frames are ugly. To make it a clean cafe racer with an open triangle, you need

For Sale: 1981 Honda CX500 (Texas) $3,500

Here’s a 1981 Honda CX500 for sale in Texas. The bike has been cafed and it looks pretty cool. The seller is asking $3,500 for it and thinks it’s a rare bike. The CX500 is not really a rare bike, they come up for sale all the time. I like the CX500 and would totally

For Sale: 1971 Honda GL1000 (San Antonio, Texas) $6,450

Wow, check out this 1971 Honda GL1000 custom cafe racer. The work was clearly done by a professional, or someone who really knows what they are doing. The only changes I could see making would be to lose that stock rear fender and lights. I’d also look at replacing the turn signals too. The seller

For Sale: 1968 Honda CB450 (Austin, Texas) $2,500

I found this bike for sale in Austin. It’s a 1968 Honda CB450 cafe racer. I think the seller is baked for asking $2,500 when it doesn’t even run. If it just needs some tweaking, it might be worth $1,700 – maybe. It’s hard to tell based on the photos, but it doesn’t look mint