For Sale: 1972 Honda CL350 (Hyde Park, Vermont) $400

I found this bike listed on Craigslist. The seller listed it as a 1972 CB350, but it looks more like a CL350 with those pipes. It sounds like it runs, but needs some love. The seller is only asking $400, it could make a great donor bike. It’s located in Hyde Park, Vermont.

For sale: 1972 Honda CB350 (Huntington Beach, California) $3,700

Here is a custom 1971 Honda CB350 for sale in Huntington, California. The seller is calling this a CL350, but it looks more like a CB350 with those pipes. I would consider switching out the stock gauges, but other than it looks really nice. Seller is asking $3,700. It’s probably worth that.

For Sale: 1972 Honda CL350 (Caldwell, New Jersey) $2,650

Here is a 1972 Honda CL350 for sale in Caldwell, New Jersey. The bike looks nice, but there is some engine work needed. The seller said one cylinder has low compression. Considering the engine work, the seller is asking too much at $2,650. I would go in offering $1,800. Engine rebuilds are either a ton