For Sale: 1972 Honda CB450 (Fairfax, Virginia) $3,000

In Fairfax, Virginia, this 1972 Honda CB450 is for sale for $3,000. Here’s why I wouldn’t buy this bike CB450 – it’s too expensive. If however, you’re looking for a stock 1972 Honda CB450 with some upgrades, this might be a great bike for you. But if you’re like me, and you like chopping up

For Sale: 1968 Honda CB450 (Austin, Texas) $2,500

I found this bike for sale in Austin. It’s a 1968 Honda CB450 cafe racer. I think the seller is baked for asking $2,500 when it doesn’t even run. If it just needs some tweaking, it might be worth $1,700 – maybe. It’s hard to tell based on the photos, but it doesn’t look mint

For Sale: 1971 Honda CB450 (Thief River Falls, Minnesota) $1,500

I found this 1971 Honda CB450 for sale in Minnesota. This CB450 doesn’t run, and hasn’t in nearly a decade. It needs a bunch of new parts, like a chain, battery, handlebars, and more just to get it operational. The seller is asking $1,500, which is way too much for a 1971 Honda CB450 in

Honda CB450 Wears Benjie Well

I don’t know who did any of the work on this bike. Benjie’s Cafe Racers blogged about it because whoever built it, used BCR parts. It looks awesome with the BCR tank and seat combo, two into one exhaust and battery box. And I bet the owner put less than $78,000 into this bike. Keanu’s

For Sale: 1973 Honda CB450 (South Brooklyn, New York) $3,500

I found this 1973 Honda CB350 for sale in South Brooklyn. It looks pretty good and has some nice upgrades. It’s not worth $3,500, particularly when considering it needs two new tires and turn signals. According to the ad, “At some point last fall someone ripped off the custom turn signals and punctured both tires.”