Birdcage BMW?

Revival Cycles builds some crazy bikes and this Birdcage BMW is definitely different. Setting aside the insane amount of money this bike would cost to build, would you ride this? For me, it’s too impractical. Riding it seems like an unpleasant experience. As art, motorcycle art, I dig it. Revival has a bunch of photos

For Sale: 1972 BMW R75/5 (Upper Marlboro, Maryland) $17,000

So there’s this guy in Maryland, well actually Belize, that supposedly has this fully restored 1972 BMW R75/5 with sidecar and trailer. It’s sitting in a crate somewhere – I assume it’s in Maryland. He’s asking for $17,000. Apparently he moved to Belize, was planning on shipping the bike to Belize, but now he doesn’t

For Sale: 1983 BMW R100 (Fife, Washington) $10,500

Here’s a badass 1983 BMW R100 cafe racer for sale outside of Seattle. The list of mods is too long to list here. I’m not a BMW guy, so I don’t know if $10,500 is too much, but the bike looks really cool and totally done. As a frame of reference, here’s an R100 in

1979 BMW R100 RS by Fuel Motorcycles

Fuel Motorcycles located in Barcelona does some impressive work on BMW R100s and R80s. This BMW R100 RS is just one example. It has custom exhaust, custom solo seat, push-button ignition, Mikuni carbs, custom-built sub-frame, battery box, new lights, gauges, etc. I love the way the exhaust runs through the number plate.

For Sale: 1982 BMW R100RT (Fort Bliss, Texas) $8,000

Look. Here’s a cafed 1982 BMW R100RT for sale in Fort Bliss, Texas. Frankly, I hate the colors, but it looks like all of the work was done by folks who knew what they were doing. That blue makes me all gaggy. I would have just gone all black if I wasn’t good at picking

ER Motorcycles

Located in Slovenia is ER Motorcycles. From what I’ve seen, their custom BMWs are filthy. They don’t have a website. Well, they have this WordPress, but there’s just one “Hello World!” post from July 2013. You can keep up-to-date with ER Motorcycles on their Facebook page.

BMW R69S “Voltron” by ER Motorcycles

If you’re into badass BMWs, you are going to love this BMW R69S by ER Motorcycles. They call it Voltron. I think it’s a 1964. They wanted “to create a mixture of modern and vintage style with emphasis on clean lines and visual simplicity.” It’s a great blend of old and new. I love it.