For Sale: 1973 Triumph Bonneville (Shelton, Washington) $3,300

I want this bike. It looks awesome. I might try and talk the seller down from $3,300, but I wouldn’t expect the price to come much. A 1973 Triumph Bonneville 750 is the bike that I need to have in my garage. Normally when I see 70s era bikes, particularly the Japanese brands, I want

For Sale: 1973 Honda CB450 (South Brooklyn, New York) $3,500

I found this 1973 Honda CB350 for sale in South Brooklyn. It looks pretty good and has some nice upgrades. It’s not worth $3,500, particularly when considering it needs two new tires and turn signals. According to the ad, “At some point last fall someone ripped off the custom turn signals and punctured both tires.”

For Sale: 1973 Honda CB350 (Richmond, Virginia)

I found this 1973 Honda CB350 for sale in Virginia. It sounds like the owner did all of the work himself to make into a cafe racer. It looks really nice. There’s always more you can do to a bike, but this thing looks pretty much done. I’d have a hard time paying $2,500 for