For Sale: 1972 Honda CB350 (Vermont) $500

Finally a pile of junk bike priced accordingly, here’s a 1971 Honda CB350 for sale in northern Vermont. According to the seller it does run, but it’s in rough shape. It’s the perfect donor bike and the seller only asking $500. If someone were to show up with $300 or $400, I bet they get

For Sale: 1971 Yamaha RT1 360 (Corona, California) Auction

Here’s a nice looking 1971 Yamaha RT1 360 up for auction on eBay. This bike looks mint. The seller has a buy it now price set at $2,250. If you get this bike for less than $2,000, you’d be doing really well. This bike is located in Corona, California. The auction is scheduled to end

For Sale: 1971 Honda GL1000 (San Antonio, Texas) $6,450

Wow, check out this 1971 Honda GL1000 custom cafe racer. The work was clearly done by a professional, or someone who really knows what they are doing. The only changes I could see making would be to lose that stock rear fender and lights. I’d also look at replacing the turn signals too. The seller

For Sale: 1971 Honda CB450 (Thief River Falls, Minnesota) $1,500

I found this 1971 Honda CB450 for sale in Minnesota. This CB450 doesn’t run, and hasn’t in nearly a decade. It needs a bunch of new parts, like a chain, battery, handlebars, and more just to get it operational. The seller is asking $1,500, which is way too much for a 1971 Honda CB450 in

For sale: 1972 Honda CB350 (Huntington Beach, California) $3,700

Here is a custom 1971 Honda CB350 for sale in Huntington, California. The seller is calling this a CL350, but it looks more like a CB350 with those pipes. I would consider switching out the stock gauges, but other than it looks really nice. Seller is asking $3,700. It’s probably worth that.