For Sale: 1970 Kawasaki Samurai (Mentor, Minnesota) $1,400

If you’re in the market for small early 1970s two-stroke, here’s a 1970 Kawasaki Samurai for sale in Mentor, Minnesota. The Samurai wasn’t a very popular bike. There were faster bikes with better steering built when Kawasaki sold these things. But there’s still a market for these little 2-strokes, I’m just not sure about $1,400.

For Sale: 1970 Triumph Trophy (Everett, Washington) $3,800

Located in Everett, Washington is this 1970 Triumph Trophy. It looks mint and the seller is asking $3,800. I can’t see dropping that kind of cash for a 250cc bike, but if this is what you’re into, this one looks really nice. It also comes with an additional BSA gas tank. This bike has been

For Sale: 1970 Yamaha R5 (Richmond, Virginia) $2,500

I found this ’70 Yamaha R5 for sale on Craigslist in Richmond, Virginia. The seller refers to it as a cafe race. It’s not. It could be, but it looks pretty stock to me. To be a cafe racer, I’d need to see something that looks like this. Also, I don’t know where the seller