Plug Your Tach Hole Like This

If you’re like me, you don’t like lots of gauges and junk on your motorcycle. Perhaps some people find it useful, but a tachometer to me is kind of useless. I know when to shift. I know what my bike is supposed to idle at. So I dumped my tachometer a few months ago. The only problem was I still needed to get rid of the cable and here’s how I did it.

Obviously I can’t just take the tach cable off and throw it in the trash leaving a hole in the engine for water, dirt and gunk to get in. There are bolts people make that you can buy for like $15, but that’s a way too much money for a bolt.

So I chopped up the tach cable, keeping the part that goes into the engine. Then I tapped it for a 6mm bolt to close the hole where the cable used to go. It works great.

Here’s where I screwed up. I tapped the hole for a M6-0.75 bolt. That’s actually a really difficult bolt to find, at least here in the United States. I ended up creating my own bolt. I could have just put a piece of tin in the whole and soldered it in-place, but I thought the bolt would look better. Go with M6x1.0 instead, if you do this.

It probably cost me less than $1 and I think it looks pretty good.


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