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For Sale: 1978 Honda CB550 Cafe Racer (New York, New York) $6,000

1978 Honda CB550

I love this 1978 Honda CB550 custom build for sale.

The bike is located in Queens. The seller is asking $6,000. It looks like $6,000 worth of bike to me.

1978 Honda CB550

For Sale: 1978 Honda CB550 (Astoria, New York) Auction

1978 Honda CB550

1978 Honda CB550

Here’s a partially done 1978 Honda CB550 on auction at eBay.

It’s had some work done to it, it needs more, but it’s well on its way to being a really nice cafe racer.

For Sale: 1972 Honda CB350 (Brooklyn, New York) $3,400

1972 Honda CB350

1972 Honda CB350

I found this ’72 Honda CB350 for sale. The seller is asking $3,400. I don’t see it, but if the pictures are accurate, I could imagine offering $2,500.

It basically has a nice seat, new handlebars, a tail light which reads “Titties & Beer,” the rear fender is chopped and the front removed. The exhaust is wrapped.

I just think this CB350 would need more mods to be in the $3,400 price point.

For Sale: 1973 Honda CB450 (South Brooklyn, New York) $3,500

1973 Honda CB450

1973 Honda CB450

I found this 1973 Honda CB350 for sale in South Brooklyn.

It looks pretty good and has some nice upgrades. It’s not worth $3,500, particularly when considering it needs two new tires and turn signals.

According to the ad, “At some point last fall someone ripped off the custom turn signals and punctured both tires.”

So yeah, I’d be offering like $2,200 for this bike, especially since I can buy this bike for $3,500 from the guys at Vintage Steele in Brattleboro, Vermont.

Keino Cycles

Located in Brooklyn, Keino Sasaki, the owner of Keino Cycles, puts out some really beautiful bikes.

When looking at builders, there are some that just chop up the fenders or remove them, throw on some new handlebars, remove the air box and toss in some new gauges and boom it’s a custom bike.

Not Keino, this guy is truly an artist. Check out some of his work here.

And he’s no bike snob either, he works on Harley’s, Triumphs, Hondas, Yamaha, and whatever. What he designs is truly unique and coherent.

Keino Cycles New York

Keino Cycles New York

Indian Larry Motorcycle Builder and Dare Devil

Indian Larry 2004

Indian Larry 2004. Timothy White.

Searching for custom bike builders in New York I ran across the obituary for Indian Larry in the New York Times.

Indian Larry, also known as Larry Desmedt, was a New York-based custom bike builder and dare devil. He died doing a stunt.

Here’s how the New York Times obituary described Indian Larry’s untimely demise.

He had gone to Charlotte for the shooting on Saturday of an episode of “Biker Build-Off,” in which he has successfully competed with other riders of custom-made two-wheelers. The accident happened afterward in a parking lot, with a crowd of thousands watching.

Mr. White said Indian Larry, wearing a protective suit but not a helmet, was standing on his bike as he went down the parking lot in a crowd-pleasing routine and may have been blinded by the sun; he fell and hit his head.

He died early Monday at the Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte.

Indian Larry’s wife said that he wasn’t doing a big trick, he was just showing up for the fans and letting off some steam. The moral of the story? Wear a helmet, you look coolest when you aren’t dead.

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