My First BMX Build

I’m 46 years old and I’ve never owned a real BMX bike so I’m building one.

A great thing about having kids is that they give you excuses to act like a kid. My 4-year-old is way into bikes. He’s been riding his own 14-inch two-wheeler with no training wheels for a couple of months.

It got me thinking. If Arlo is into bikes, I should have a cool bike to ride around on with him. I have a crossover street/mountain bike that I’ve never really liked. I bought it in kind of a hurry and have regretted it ever since.

When I bought this Bianchi, I was living in Seattle. I didn’t own a car, so getting around town was by bike or bus, or in many cases, bike and bus. One night while having beers at the 5 Spot on Queen Anne, someone stole my bike. That bike wasn’t awesome either, it was a Raleigh mountain bike. My renter’s insurance actually give me about $300 for the bike, but I felt like I needed a bike quickly and for like $400 max.

I should have searched harder and gotten a bike that suits my needs better, but I didn’t. I have modified the bike enough over the years to make it work for me, but it’s never been a comfortable bike for me.

So now I’m building a BMX bike. Is this the perfect bike for me at 46? Probably not, but what the hell, I love a fun project.

I’ll update this post as the build moves along. 

Here are the parts and services I’ve purchased to date.

Demolition Concorde Chris Doyle Fork 3/8″ Drop Out9020110
20-inch 48 Spoke Wheels68.7524.5093.25
GT Dyno Frame 1996 Haro Mongoose Redline1000100
Frame Chrome Removal75075
Rusto Apple Red Satin and Primer18018
Truvativ American-To-Euro Bmx Adapter15.25015.25
Bully Sprocket (Black, 25T)29.95029.95
Mission Transit V2 Cranks (Red, 175mm)54.95054.95
Odyssey Triple Trap Pedals24.95024.95
Cinema Sync Chain (Gold, 1/8″)25.9525.95

I have more to buy yet, like a seat, handlebars, cranks and a rear brake.

I had the chrome stripped from the frame at a place in Kensington, Maryland called Metro Plating. Then I put down about three coats of primer and hit with two cans of Rustoleum Apple Red with the satin finish.

This is the ebay photo of the chromed up mid-school BMX frame
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