Mikuni Upgrade Worth It

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If you’ve been thinking about a Mikuni upgrade for your old twin, it’s worth it.

I put Mikunis on my 1978 Honda CB400. It was a wise $450 investment.

The performance increase is significant. It jumps off the line. I’ve also modified my gear ratio to give me more power off the line. But now with the Mikunis, this CB400 is a bit of sleeper.

I bought my carbs, air filters and throttle assembly from Dime City Cycles. The total cost was about $450. If I hunted and pecked for the individual parts myself, I could have done it for a bit less.

It was a pretty easy upgrade.

The most confusing part was making new throttle cables. Putting the ends on the carb side is pretty straightforward. But whenever I put ends on the throttle side of a cable, I always feel like it’s a bit of guessing game. It always works out, but I feel like it always takes a lot of common sense to make it work.

Check out my How to Shorten Cables story.

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