Looking for Garage Wrenchers to Show Off Their Custom Bikes

It’s easy to find the latest, most amazing build by one of the top shops across the globe. Just head over to BikeExif and they’ll hook you up with that. But I want to write some stories about those people wrenching away in their garages who are building beautiful and interesting bikes.

So if you’ve built a bike in your garage, I want to talk to you. The bike has to be done, and something that is being ridden on the street. If you have a race bike or you’ve built some crazy bike that was never intended to be ridden on the road, that’s cool too. My point is that the project need to be done, even though these projects are never really done.

If you want to be a part of this little project of mine, hit me up on my email at here.

My vision, which is subject to change is a few blog posts, maybe a video or two, and an eBook. I’ll need photos, preferably some before and after shots. I’d like an estimate on your financial investment. And I’d like to interview you over the phone to talk about the stuff you learned doing the project, mistakes that were made and things you would do differently next time.

I ride and I’m a garage wrencher. There’s actually few things in my life right now more satisfying than working on a motorcycle. I love it. I’m also a software engineer and a journalist by trade. So I’m going to use my journalism skills for this one because I think a book like this will be interesting to other wrench monkeys out there.

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