Kickstarter Three-Wheel DIY Autocycle

Kickstarter DIY FastForOne Autocycle

Kickstarter DIY FastForOne Autocycle

A fellow Montpelierite is trying to get funding for this interesting project he’s been working on for awhile.

It’s a DIY 3-wheel autocycle.

Here’s how he describes the project.

If you’ve ever wanted the truly elemental driving experience of piloting a Formula race car, the FastForOne Autocycle will provide! 100HP, 750 lbs, 6-speed sequential gearbox, disc brakes, Porsche 911 rack and pinion steering–FastForOne is a road-legal (as it’s a 3-wheeled vehicle, the FastForOne Autocycle is considered a motor-driven cycle by state DMVs) driving experience you can build yourself!

So if this is something you might be interested in seeing, kick in a couple of bucks. There are only a few days left on the fundraising campaign.

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