Keanu’s $78,000 Motorcycle

Keanu Reeves KRGT-1

Keanu Reeves KRGT-1

Keanu Reeves has gone from starring in the 1989 smash hit “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure” to building motorcycles.

In “The Matrix” his blank stare and expressionless “style” worked out for his character Neo, but other than that, Reeves has had a career of mediocre roles.

But now he’s building motorcycles. And it’s not just any motorcycle. This one costs about $78,000.

The KRGT-1 is a Gard Hollinger creation. I doubt Reeves had much say in the bike’s design or creation, other than perhaps the name. Hollinger didn’t go with anything like Il Pazzo, Poco Grasso or Tatsio this time, but this also certainly isn’t a chopper.



I suppose KRGT stands for Keanu Reeves Gard Hollinger … um wait, is it just Keanu Reeves GT?

Either way, Hollinger’s bike is very futuristic, so maybe Reeves had more influence than I realize. It looks like it goes fast? I don’t know, it looks very different than other bikes on the road and it costs less than $80,000.

I guess I’m often not very impressed with millionaires building really “nice” bikes. Yep, Keanu built a cool looking bike with that huge pile of cash. And other people with huge piles of cash will get one too.

Check out the KRGT-1 at Arch Motorcycle Company

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