Install Motorcycle Fork Seals without a Fancy Fork Seal Driver

I’m in the process of buying the necessary parts to replace my fork seals on the old Honda. I was looking through my Clymer manual – as I always do when considering a new project for the bike – the manual references fork seal driver and fork seal driver attachment. Those are tools use to install the fork seal.

But I couldn’t but think, “Someone’s figured out a way to do this with any fancy fork seal driver.”

And someone did.

Check out this brilliant DIY tutorial using some electrical tape rather than spending $50 a fork seal driver.

The basic idea is that you clean all of the oil of your fork tube, that’s the part that goes inside the fork seal. Slide the fork tube through the seal and about 4 inches up from the seal, wrap a bunch of electrical tape. Pile the tape high enough so that it will be able to provide enough force when you use the fork tube to tap in the fork seal.

I’m sure someone has thought of this before, but kudos to dorkpunch at for sharing.

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