Install and Wire a Dime City Cycles Mini Speedo to a 1978 Honda CB400 Hawk 2

Dime City Cycles 2.5 inch Speedo
I’ve had this speedo sitting in a box for at least a year. A failing stock kill switch has spurred me to install it.

Rather than messing around trying to find a stock kill switch, I’m taking the opportunity to get rid of the old Honda throttle entirely along with the starter button.
Dime City Cycles black throttle
I’m going with this super simple black throttle and this auto-style ignition switch and starter.

I debated whether to have a kill switch or just get rid of it entirely, but I decided that for safety’s sake, I’m going to have a kill switch. I just think that the ability to kill the bike with the flick of a thumb, could possibly come be useful. I went with this kill switch. It’s a lot more chintzy than I thought it would be, but it will work.
Dime City Cycles blue kill switch
For my own reference and to perhaps help someone else out, here’s how I wired up the speedo to my 1978 Honda CB400 Hawk 2 wiring harness. I don’t know if this is standard across all Honda’s. I also don’t know that this is correct, but it seems to be working fine for me. If you’re smarter than me, there’s a good chance, and you’re reading this and think it’s wrong, I’d appreciate your thoughts on how to improve this information.

Speedo Bike
Yellow (+) Sky Blue
Yellow/Black (-) Orange
Red (+) Black
Red/Black (-) Blue/Red
Green (+) Black
Green/Black (-) Light Green/Red
Back Light
Orange (+) Brown/White
Black (-) Green
High Beam
Blue (+) Blue
Blue/Black (-) Green
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