Indian Larry Motorcycle Builder and Dare Devil

Indian Larry 2004

Indian Larry 2004. Timothy White.

Searching for custom bike builders in New York I ran across the obituary for Indian Larry in the New York Times.

Indian Larry, also known as Larry Desmedt, was a New York-based custom bike builder and dare devil. He died doing a stunt.

Here’s how the New York Times obituary described Indian Larry’s untimely demise.

He had gone to Charlotte for the shooting on Saturday of an episode of “Biker Build-Off,” in which he has successfully competed with other riders of custom-made two-wheelers. The accident happened afterward in a parking lot, with a crowd of thousands watching.

Mr. White said Indian Larry, wearing a protective suit but not a helmet, was standing on his bike as he went down the parking lot in a crowd-pleasing routine and may have been blinded by the sun; he fell and hit his head.

He died early Monday at the Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte.

Indian Larry’s wife said that he wasn’t doing a big trick, he was just showing up for the fans and letting off some steam. The moral of the story? Wear a helmet, you look coolest when you aren’t dead.

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