For Sale: 1979 Honda CX500 (Fairfax, Virginia) $1,500

1979 Honda CX500

1979 Honda CX500

I always think that people selling a project bike are crazy. It’s hard to sell a bike that the buyer can’t ride home. So half-done bikes are not ever worth what the seller thinks.

Here’s a 1979 Honda CX500 project bike for sale in Fairfax, Virginia.

The seller is asking $1,500. In terms of parts, it’s probably worth $1,500. But for me, I don’t see going more than $1,000 for this bike. It’s going to take at least $1,000 to finish this bike and CXs, while I love them, are not for everyone. There’s only so much someone is going to pay for a CX and once you start getting over $2,000, frankly you need to be showing me a really nice CX.

I might go $1,200 for this bike, but that’s a big “might.”

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