For Sale: 1978 Honda CB400A (Warrenton, Virginia) $2,800

1978 Honda CB400A

1978 Honda CB400A

I don’t know, man. Check out this 1978 Honda CB400A for sale on Craiglist in Warrenton, Virginia.

The seller is asking $2,800 for it, which is crazy to me. I have this bike, but the non-automatic one. Now granted I have to shift mine the old fashioned way, but I paid $650 for it. This one has some upgrades, like a custom exhaust, shocks and the foot pegs were moved. It has a new seat, but to me it’s hideous, I like my stock seat better.

And maybe I’m just an idiot, but the seller says these automagical CB400s are highly sought after, I can’t imagine by who. Why would anyone want an automatic motorcycle? But what do I know?

I put Mikunis on mine and tweaked the sprocket ratio to give me more pop off the line, but these bikes are not fast. They have a short wheel base and ride pretty rough. I’m short, so it fits me OK, but I often wish I had a bigger bike. I just need to finish my XS750 I have tore apart in my garage.

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