For Sale: 1975 Yamaha XS650 (Elizabethtown, PA) $1,600

1975 Yamaha XS650

1975 Yamaha XS650

Here’s a 1975 Yamaha XS650 for sale in Elizabethtown, Pensylvania.

The seller has been trying to sell this bike for awhile. The bike was listed at $1,800, but now the seller says they will take $1,600.

It has some upgrades, like new exhaust, handlebars and a custom seat. Without those upgrades I’d put the bike at $1,000. With those upgrades, I’d put it at maybe $1,400. To finish polishing this bike, I’d need to put on new mirrors, lights, gauges and controls. The tank needs to be repainted and ideally relocate the battery, open it up and de-tab it. To be really nice, it’s going to take at least a $1,000 if you do all of the work yourself. If you drop a grand into this bike, would it be worth $2,600? Probably.

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