ER Motorcycles

BMW 69S Voltron

BMW 69S Voltron

Located in Slovenia is ER Motorcycles.

From what I’ve seen, their custom BMWs are filthy.

They don’t have a website. Well, they have this WordPress, but there’s just one “Hello World!” post from July 2013. You can keep up-to-date with ER Motorcycles on their Facebook page.

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    This site doesn’t make money. I’m not doing this because I think I’m going to get rich. I like motorcycles. I have a background in journalism and I enjoy writing. I put all of that together and this website popped out.

    Having said that, I would like to cover my costs and so I sell t-shirts, enhanced builder pages, and I come to you with hat in hand asking for a couple of bucks.

    If you can’t afford even a dollar, don’t sweat it.

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