Elysian Immortal IPA Tastes Like Seattle

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 8.35.59 PMI used to live in Seattle. I used to live on Capitol Hill. One of the many things I love about Seattle is that it’s a city you can taste. Seattle is a flavor city. Whether it’s a strong cup of coffee from Victrola, an apple fritter from Top Pot, or a tasty Elysian Immortal IPA, Seattle tastes good.

Since I left Seattle in 2009, the Elysian Brewing Company is now a small part of a giant multi-national corporation. But the IPA still tastes great and I can get it here in Maryland, thanks Budweiser.

When I saw the Immortal in the cooler at the liquor store, I knew I had to have it. And as soon as I took a drink of it, I was transported back to Seattle. I just imagined a cool, rainy night walking to the Elysian bar on Capitol Hill, past Nuemos and Wild Rose. Have a few there, see what craziness is happening at The Comet or Cha Cha.

As for the Elysian, I actually didn’t go to that bar very often, it was a bit far for me, I lived on 10th Avenue between Roy and Aloha, but I had a friend who worked there, so it was fun to hang out, drink beer and smoke weed.

Seattle’s the only place I’ve lived I can imagine moving back to.

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