Ed Turner Motorcycles

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If you’ve got some cash laying around and you aren’t a DIYer like myself, you need to check out Ed Turner Motorcycles in France.

Ed Turner Motorcycles is owned and operated by Karl Renoult and his work is second to none.

Just look at what he did with this 1979 Honda CBN400.

Ed Turner 1979 Honda CBN400

Ed Turner 1979 Honda CBN400

When I’m looking at a builder and I’m looking at how much artistry they put into their projects. As a DIYer, I know how easy it can be to switch some lights, chop up the fenders and paint or powder coat some stuff. But to create art with a bike, that’s a entirely different thing and Ed Turner Motorcycles is doing that — making art.

Clearly I love their work and want to see more of it. It’s inspirational.

The actual Ed Turner was a motorcycle designer. Turner died in 1973 and spent his career as a designer and general manager for Triumph. He eventually became the chief executive for the BSA Group (BSA, Ariel, Triumph, Daimler and Carbodies).

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