Located in the UK, John Eldridge’s CMBL builds custom bikes and surfboards.

At least according to CMBL’s website, Eldridge sounds pretty intense.

John strips, modifies and builds the motorcycles, undertaking nearly all stages of the build and outsourcing elements of the build more suited to specialists (bodywork fabrication, stainless exhaust systems, engine rebuilds, milling, cnc machining, paintwork etc). You’ll also find John shaping a variety of the mid-length surfboards, choosing to specialise in one area of shaping and refine his shaping skills. It doesn’t stop there. You’ll find John behind the helm of everything else (packing tee’s, shooting video, editing films, shooting photographs, building this website, sweeping the floor, making coffee) and all of this aside his successful roadside cafe Strong Adolfos which he operates with his wife Mathilda.

CMBL’s builds look great. The Zedcat catches my eye. It’s a really clean build and I love the paint.

I also have to say that when it comes to a website, CMBL’s website, which is also built by Eldridge, is far and away better than more than 90 percent of all other builder websites. Maybe most builders don’t care, but Eldridge clearly does and it shows.

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