Looking for Garage Wrenchers to Show Off Their Custom Bikes

It’s easy to find the latest, most amazing build by one of the top shops across the globe. Just head over to BikeExif and they’ll hook you up with that. But I want to write some stories about those people wrenching away in their garages who are building beautiful and interesting bikes. So if you’ve

Why I ride

No one has ever asked me why I enjoy riding motorcycles, but social networks are all about answering questions that no one has asked, or cares to know the answers. There are several reasons why I ride. One is that I like to feel the wind in my face and smell the smells while riding.

Vermont Ride: Montpelier to Bristol

It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon, the kids were taking their afternoon naps and I needed a ride. I wanted to go far enough that I felt like I went somewhere but not too far that I’d be tired when I got home. I went to Bristol and it was exactly what I had planned