Motul FIM 2020 Superbike Schedule

You can read the press release announcing the calendar. I don’t recommend it though, it’s one of the most poorly written press releases I’ve ever seen. Whoever is doing the press for Dorna Sports needs to rethink their strategy. Download PDF

Looking for Garage Wrenchers to Show Off Their Custom Bikes

It’s easy to find the latest, most amazing build by one of the top shops across the globe. Just head over to BikeExif and they’ll hook you up with that. But I want to write some stories about those people wrenching away in their garages who are building beautiful and interesting bikes. So if you’ve

Kickstarter Three-Wheel DIY Autocycle

A fellow Montpelierite is trying to get funding for this interesting project he’s been working on for awhile. It’s a DIY 3-wheel autocycle. Here’s how he describes the project. If you’ve ever wanted the truly elemental driving experience of piloting a Formula race car, the FastForOne Autocycle will provide! 100HP, 750 lbs, 6-speed sequential gearbox,

Honda CB400

One of the ways that I seek inspiration is by examining the work of people who are much more talented than myself. While waiting for the snow and ice to melt, I was browsing motorcycle sites to see what the possibilities are for my little ’78 Honda CB400 Hawk II. I found it over at

Hello world!

This website is going to be a dumping ground for things that I think are interesting. It will probably be mostly focused on electronics, music, motorcycles and DIY in general. Whether anyone else thinks what I publish here is interesting, that is none of my concern. So if you like what you find here, great.