Ed Turner Custom CB400

The CB400 is not a bike most think about customizing. I own one and the biggest problem with the bike is that frame is kind of ugly. There’s a curve where the air box is that makes cleaning up that section of clutter difficult. Rather than removing that funky curve, Ed Turner Motorcycles worked it

Ed Turner Motorcycles

If you’ve got some cash laying around and you aren’t a DIYer like myself, you need to check out Ed Turner Motorcycles in France. Ed Turner Motorcycles is owned and operated by Karl Renoult and his work is second to none. Just look at what he did with this 1979 Honda CBN400. When I’m looking


Located in France, Comete-Motocycles are turning out some slick Harley bobbers. That seems like their niche – Harley bobbers. They also sell custom kits for Sportsters.