Revival Cycles of Texas

This Austin, Texas crew is pretty bad ass. I don’t fawn over everything they build, but everything Revival Cycles builds looks impressive. So if you’ve got tens of thousands of dollars burning a hole in your hip’ster skin jeans pocket, Revival Cycles looks like a serious shop doing good work. Revival Cycles 5305 Bolm Rd

Ed Turner Custom CB400

The CB400 is not a bike most think about customizing. I own one and the biggest problem with the bike is that frame is kind of ugly. There’s a curve where the air box is that makes cleaning up that section of clutter difficult. Rather than removing that funky curve, Ed Turner Motorcycles worked it

Tarmac Custom Motorcycles

Tarmac Custom Motorcycles is located in Vigo, Spain. The crew at Tarmac isn’t lighting the world on fire with their insane creativity, but they are cranking out some really nice looking custom bikes.

Rough Crafts

Rough Crafts in Taiwan is doing some impressive work. Owner Winston Yeh’s Graphite Speedster is almost too awesome. If I owned that bike, I don’t think I would be able to do anything but want to ride it. Rough Crafts is a shop to watch.

Kustom Fab Choppers

Located in Honolulu, Hawaii is Kustom Fab Choppers. If you’re into choppers, you are going to like what this crew is up to. With names like Bar Hoppa, Cha-ching, Da Babba and El Torro, you know their shit is badass, and it is.

Ed Turner Motorcycles

If you’ve got some cash laying around and you aren’t a DIYer like myself, you need to check out Ed Turner Motorcycles in France. Ed Turner Motorcycles is owned and operated by Karl Renoult and his work is second to none. Just look at what he did with this 1979 Honda CBN400. When I’m looking

Fuel Motorcycles

Located in Barcelona is Fuel Motorcycles. They seem to focus exclusively on building custom BMWs – R100s and R80s. Their work is very clean. They aren’t creating motorcycles that look like sharks, but they are building some really impressive trials, trackers and scramblers.

ER Motorcycles

Located in Slovenia is ER Motorcycles. From what I’ve seen, their custom BMWs are filthy. They don’t have a website. Well, they have this WordPress, but there’s just one “Hello World!” post from July 2013. You can keep up-to-date with ER Motorcycles on their Facebook page.


Located in France, Comete-Motocycles are turning out some slick Harley bobbers. That seems like their niche – Harley bobbers. They also sell custom kits for Sportsters.


Located in the UK, John Eldridge’s CMBL builds custom bikes and surfboards. At least according to CMBL’s website, Eldridge sounds pretty intense. John strips, modifies and builds the motorcycles, undertaking nearly all stages of the build and outsourcing elements of the build more suited to specialists (bodywork fabrication, stainless exhaust systems, engine rebuilds, milling, cnc