Keith Vance

For Sale: 1978 Honda CB400 (Washington, DC) $2,500

I own 1978 Honda CB400. Here’s one for sale in Washington, DC for $2,500. It looks OK. As for customizations, this is mostly stock, but it does have a custom seat and new mirrors and handlebars. It has no turn signals and appears to be running without a battery, so it’s a kicker. If it

1978 Honda CB400 Before and After

I’ve owned this 1978 Honda CB400 Hawk II since 2013. I paid $650 for it. I’ve cleaned it up a bit and did a few performance upgrades and I’m into the bike for about $2,000. Here’s what it looked like when I bought it. It ran OK, but it was all 1970s. Those mirrors, big

1978 Honda CB400 New Headlight, Winkers & Fried New Tail Light

If you’ve been following along, I’ve been upgrading the lights on my 78 Honda CB400. Back in November I did the tail light and turn signals, now I’ve put in a new headlight and front winkers. I torched my new tail light in the process. I don’t recall what I was actually doing or thinking

Plug Your Tach Hole Like This

If you’re like me, you don’t like lots of gauges and junk on your motorcycle. Perhaps some people find it useful, but a tachometer to me is kind of useless. I know when to shift. I know what my bike is supposed to idle at. So I dumped my tachometer a few months ago. The

Don’t Buy This Chain Breaker From Dime City Cycles

Do you need a chain breaker for your motorcycle? Don’t buy this one from Dime City Cycles. Can you see the difference between the one from Dime City Cycles? The only difference is that the Dime City Cycles one costs $56.95 and the one for sale on is $18.99. And I’m sure, as my

XS750 Project: Cracked the motor

I ripped apart the 1977 XS750 engine. I removed the cams, heads and cylinders. I needed to order pistons, but I wanted to make sure the engine was worth rebuilding and I wanted to make sure it hadn’t been rebuilt once already. Everything looks as I would expect. This bike sat outside for awhile, but

For Sale: 1974 Honda CB750 (Rockville, Maryland) $12,000

Here’s a custom 1974 Honda CB750 for sale in Rockville, Maryland. The seller is asking $12,000. It has some nice mods, like a custom 4-into-1 exhaust, gas tank and seat. It looks pretty cool, but I’d have a hard time coughing up $12,000 for it. There’s no mention of any engine work and the triangle

My Project: 1977 Yamaha XS750

I started a new project. It’s a 1977 Yamaha XS750 I picked up in Virginia for $120. It obviously doesn’t run, but the engine kicks over and the frame seems straight. My plan is to strip it down to the frame and build an entirely new bike in its place. I think the XS750 is

Looking for Garage Wrenchers to Show Off Their Custom Bikes

It’s easy to find the latest, most amazing build by one of the top shops across the globe. Just head over to BikeExif and they’ll hook you up with that. But I want to write some stories about those people wrenching away in their garages who are building beautiful and interesting bikes. So if you’ve