Numbnut Motorcycles

Numbnut Motorcycles

Numbnut Motorcycles

Located in Amsterdam is Numbnut Motorcycles. They build custom cafes, brats and other motorcycle goodness.

They do need a real website. It’s hard to see their work mixed in with all of the photos in their Facebook photo gallery.

Need a website? Contact me.

Tin Can Customs of Amsterdam

Tin Can Customs "Special Alloy"

Tin Can Customs “Special Alloy”

Located in my favorite city, Amsterdam, is Tin Can Customs. I don’t know anything about this shop other than that I like their style.

Looking at Tin Can Customs Instagram feed, it looks like they do more than just send Benjie’s Custom Racers a check for $4,000. Bolt on the parts. And call it a day.

Whoever is running this shop is a scrapper. They’re digging for old parts, modifying them and making them new and relevant again. I love it.

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