Sure you can show your support to keep this website running leaving a tip in the tip jar or purchasing something from the online store. But another great way to support this website is to buy an ad.

I sell ads by the week or by the month. I charge $160 for a month or $45 a week. How did I come up with this rate and why is it so cheap?

To answer that question will require some basic math, but it’s basic stuff.

The formula I’m using is super simple. I take the number of page views (X) for the most recent week – as recorded by Google Analytics – and multiple that by 0.05 (Y). That gets me the value (Z), which is my inventory asset value.

X * Y = Z

879 * $0.05 = $43.95

This is for the 7 days of October 21, 2014 to October 27, 2014.

That means that I have — if each page view is deemed to be worth a nickel — a total inventory value of $43.95 a week.

And the reason ads on this website command only five-cents per page view is that demand right now is low. This site is only a few weeks old. If more people buy ads, the price per page view could increase.

So in terms of pricing based on my current site stats, I’m rounding the weekly rate up to $45 and giving folks who want to pay for entire month a deal by charging them only $160.

My business model mandates that I take half of my gross ad sales to purchase additional advertising for this website. That means that 50 percent of what you pay me will go toward driving more people to this website and will increase your ad impressions and thusly clicks.

Your ad will display in the right sidebar at the very top where the online store ad is currently located. When I have an ad to run, I drop the tip jar from the right side bar, move the online store widget down and insert paid ads first.


Age Demographics for

Age Demographics for

This website will never get millions of page views a month. It’s not a goal to reach that level of traffic. What I’m doing here is targeting a very specific subset of Internet users. Those are folks that are enthusiastic about motorcycles.

We’re talking about quality not quantity.

So if you’re selling a product or service that caters to motorcyclists, you should run an ad on my website.

Gender Demographics

Gender Demographics

To get you ad up and running quickly, send me an email and I’ll be in touch. It’s a quick process.

If you don’t have an ad, I can do that too. I have several top designers at my disposal to do anything you need for as little as $150.

Payments can be made online via Paypal, or offline with a check.

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