A Scrambler That Works

Credit: Bike Exif

As a journalist, I love a good lede. This isn’t one. But I love the way this Bike Exif story starts.

LET’S BE HONEST: a lot of custom scramblers are more about the show than the go. They look good, but a trip down a muddy forest track would likely result in a thick stripe of mud on the back of your waxed cotton jacket.

I don’t know that I’d be plowing through the mud on this Buell, but it does look cool.

Credit: Bike Exif

If I were looking for an alternative bike to throw mud with, I’d go with my first bike – a Honda SL 125.

not my actual first bike, but this the essentially the exact bike.

Normal people just go with a Honda CRF450 or something similar to rip up trails.

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