1978 XS650 Bobber (Montpelier, Vermont) $2,900

1978 XS650 Bobber

1978 XS650 Bobber

I found this 1978 XS650 bobber for sale in Montpelier, Vermont. It looks pretty nice, but I don’t see how this bike passes inspection in Vermont.

There is no brake light, turn signals, the plate is mounted sideways (you can’t do that in Vermont) and I don’t see a speedometer.

Since you can’t legally ride this bike on the road, I’d have a hard time coughing up $2,900. I’d be looking at something closer to $1,500, since I’d have to put in time and money into it to make it street legal.

Some people don’t care and they’ll just ride without the inspection sticker.

While I think the inspection program for motorcycles is kind of a joke, I don’t need to give the cops a reason to pull me over, so I like to have that sticker on my fork.

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