1978 Honda CB400 New Headlight, Winkers & Fried New Tail Light

If you’ve been following along, I’ve been upgrading the lights on my 78 Honda CB400. Back in November I did the tail light and turn signals, now I’ve put in a new headlight and front winkers. I torched my new tail light in the process.

I don’t recall what I was actually doing or thinking when I cooked my tail light, but I wired up something stupid in the headlight while hooking up the turn signals and lights out. The problem was that it wasn’t totally lights out, the fuse blew and stopped the damage. So my tail light looked like the running light was working, but the brake indicator was not.

Initially I assumed I dicked something up hooking up the headlight and front turn signals so I started testing the connections from the front brake to the tail light. Everything checked out until I got to the tail light. I popped it off and sure enough, a section of the circuit board was toast. I could have fixed it, but a brake light is a safety device, so I just bought a new one, it’s just $50 from Dime City Cycles. I needed some new gloves so I got free shipping.

The new headlight is perfect. The old one was dim and dangerous, I couldn’t ride at night, it just wasn’t safe. This one is nice and bright.

Like on the rear of the bike, I went with these turn signal indicators.

I also chopped the front fender to match the chopped rear fender.

The next thing I plan to do is clean up that speedo and ignition switch. I’m going to create a custom faceplate to mount the gauge and switch. It should hide most of the wiring and cables.

Here’s what my bike looked like when I bought it for $650 in 2013.

This is what my ’78 Honda CB400 looked like when I bought it for $650 in 2013.

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