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For Sale: 1975 Honda CB360 (Clinton, Maryland) $1,000

If I had a $1,000 a place room for another bike in my life, I’d buy this 1975 Honda CB360 no questions asked. The seller says it doesn’t run, but it looks like it just needs some love. I might offer $800 for it because I don’t like to pay more than $1,000 for a… Read more »

For Sale: 1975 Honda CB360 (Rockville, Maryland) $2,300

Here’s a pretty nice looking 1975 Honda CB360 for sale in Rockville, Maryland. The seller is asking $2,300, which isn’t too far off. I’m not someone who keep this bike all original, so I’d be into this bike for less than $2,000.

For Sale: 1975 Honda CB360 (Minneapolis, Minnesota) $750

If you’re looking for a really nice donor bike for your next cafe racer, check out this 1975 Honda CB360 for sale in Minneapolis, Minnesota for $750. I’d probably offer $500, since it hasn’t run in decades, but it looks all there.

For Sale: 1974 Honda CB360 (Alexandria, Virginia) $1,600

I found this 1974 Honda CB360 for sale in Alexandria, Virginia. It’s a half-done project. According to the seller it doesn’t run. It has new Mikuni’s, but the air intake needs to be recalibrated. It also doesn’t have any mufflers, so that’s probably adding to the issue of it not running. The entire air, fuel… Read more »

For Sale: 1978 Honda CB400 (Lynnwood, Washington) $2,900

Here’s a 1978 Honda CB400 for sale in Lynnwood, Washington. Besides the clubman bars, this bike is all stock. The seller is high on the shit for asking $2,900 for this bike. I have one of these and I paid $650 for mine in the same condition as this one. Taking into consideration that I… Read more »