CMS Motorcycle Parts Store is Amazing

I did something stupid the other day, I won’t get into here, but I ended up destroying my rear brake control arm. It was all twisted up and worthless.

My 1978 Honda CB400 isn’t really hard to get parts for, but sometimes it can be a challenge, especially when I don’t want to be off the road in the middle of the riding season for a month.

I don’t know how I found it, and why I’d never seen it before, but CMS online motorcycle store is unbelievable. They have so many parts, and they had the part I needed. The shipping charge was more than the cost of the part, but it was worth it. I ordered it on a Sunday and was back on the road on Friday. That’s faster than I get stuff from Dime City Cycles and they’re in Fort Lauderdale. CMS is in the Netherlands, I think.

The part was perfect. It was brand new. I got it fast. And aside from the shipping charges, which they can’t do much about, the price of the part was reasonable.

If you haven’t already, check out

This sounds like an ad, but really, I was just impressed with their execution.

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