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For Sale: 1976 Yamaha RD400 (Belmont, California) $5,500

I can’t see spending $5,500 on this bike, but it looks really clean. It’s just that in that price range there’s a lot to choose from, I don’t know if this stands out in that crowd. For me, I’d have to do some more modifications to the bike and starting at $5,500 is too much.

Hans Muth’s Bandit

Hans Muth’s Suzuki Bandit custom bike looks great, you can read all about it on Bike EXIF. Muth is clearly a talented designer and that shows in his work. But while I can certainly see why many will ooh and coo at this bike, I find it uninspiring. With the resources at Muth’s disposal, I… Read more »

For Sale: 2005 Triumph Bonneville (Vergennes, Vermont) $2,300

This looks too-good-to-be-true, but here’s a really nice looking Triumph Bonneville for sale in Vergennes. The selling is asking $2,300. That seems a bit low, so if you’re in the market for a Bonneville, this could be a great deal if it’s as nice as it looks.

Kawasaki TR250 Scrambler

The fine folks at Bikeshed have the story on this Kawasaki TR250 scrambler. I love this bike, the only thing I’d change is that I’d lose the stock mirrors and go with bar-end mirrors, or rather one bar-end mirror on the left. Read the entire story on this bike over at Bikeshed.

1978 XS650 Bobber (Montpelier, Vermont) $2,900

I found this 1978 XS650 bobber for sale in Montpelier, Vermont. It looks pretty nice, but I don’t see how this bike passes inspection in Vermont. There is no brake light, turn signals, the plate is mounted sideways (you can’t do that in Vermont) and I don’t see a speedometer. Since you can’t legally ride… Read more »

Modern Metals 1974 Honda CL360

Pipeburn has the story on this 1974 Honda CL360 customized by Modern Metals. I can safely say that I like the bike, but I would have done a few things differently. I don’t like the gold frame, I think it looks gaudy. And I’m not a fan of the tank paint job. With the frame… Read more »