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For Sale: 1977 Honda CB750 (Tumwater, Washington) $4,000

I found this bike listed on Craigslist Seattle. It’s a gorgeous bike. It’s had a ton of work done to it either by a professional or someone who probably should be a professional. Would I pay $4,000 for this bike? Probably not. I would offer $3,200 for it. Once you get up to the $4,000… Read more »

Das Traumwerk’s “The Crunch” Fail

Alex Ahrer and Herwig Prammer’s latest creation is called “The Crunch.” Personally I don’t care for it. Clearly they were going for a worn out, well-ridden look, but they didn’t pull it off. The tank is nice and rusty and the fenders look a little scuffed up, but the rest of the bike looks new… Read more »

Back on Two Honda CB350 Cafe Racer

Cruising the Web looking bad ass cafe racers and I found this beauty over at Return of the Cafe Racers. Usually I have some sort of nit to pick when writing about any custom bike, but this CB350 is perfect. I wouldn’t change a thing. It’s certainly a head-turner. The builder, Back on Two, is… Read more »

For Sale: 1973 Honda CB350 (Richmond, Virginia)

I found this 1973 Honda CB350 for sale in Virginia. It sounds like the owner did all of the work himself to make into a cafe racer. It looks really nice. There’s always more you can do to a bike, but this thing looks pretty much done. I’d have a hard time paying $2,500 for… Read more »

Kawasaki W650 “SC Rambler”

I love this bike. It’s customized without being over designed. This is what I’m trying to accomplish with my CB400. I went with euro bars instead of scrambler bars. I have Shinko 705s instead of these Pirelli’s. Next I will be chopping the fenders and painting them black, just like this W650. I like it… Read more »

Motobecane Moped Racer

The fine folks over at Pipeburn┬áhave a story about custom moped built by Craig Dueck. The moped looks cool I guess, I just have a hard time understanding the point of it. I suppose if you have too much money and too much time on your hands, you can spend it making a moped look… Read more »