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A Scrambler That Works

As a journalist, I love a good lede. This isn’t one. But I love the way this Bike Exif story starts. LET’S BE HONEST: a lot of custom scramblers are more about the show than the go. They look good, but a trip down a muddy forest track would likely result in a thick stripe of mud on… Read more »

My First BMX Build

I’m 46 years old and I’ve never owned a real BMX bike so I’m building one. A great thing about having kids is that they give you excuses to act like a kid. My 4-year-old is way into bikes. He’s been riding his own 14-inch two-wheeler with no training wheels for a couple of months…. Read more »

For Sale: 1978 Yamaha SR500 (Rockville, Maryland) $5,000

I love these Yamaha SR500s, and here’s one in Rockville, Maryland. The seller is asking $5,000 for it and it has a burnt out headlight. I could see spending $3,000 for this bike. The same seller tried to get $5,000 for the bike back in May. There are no performance upgrades, but it does look… Read more »

For Sale: 1978 Honda CB400 (Howard County, Maryland) $2,999

Like late-1970s stock Hondas? Here’s a beautiful 1978 Honda CB400 with less than 7,000 miles for sale in Maryland for $2,999. Despite that I own this exact bike in black, I wouldn’t buy this one. I paid $650 for my all-stock 1978 Honda CB400. My bike wasn’t as perfect as this one, but this isn’t… Read more »

For Sale: 1972 Honda CB450 (Fairfax, Virginia) $3,000

In Fairfax, Virginia, this 1972 Honda CB450 is for sale for $3,000. Here’s why I wouldn’t buy this bike CB450 – it’s too expensive. If however, you’re looking for a stock 1972 Honda CB450 with some upgrades, this might be a great bike for you. But if you’re like me, and you like chopping up… Read more »

For Sale: 1973 Kawasaki S350 (Stafford, Virginia) $6,000

Kawasaki riders, here’s one for you. For sale in Stafford, Virginia is this fully-restored 1973 Kawasaki S350. The photos of this Kawasaki S350 on the Craigslist listing are garbage, but it potentially looks like a rad bike. All you have to go on in the listing are four tight shots of the bike and this… Read more »

For Sale: 1967 Honda CT90 (Herndon, Virginia) $1,300

If I had an extra $1,300 lying around, I’d still not buy this 1967 Honda CT90 for sale in Herndon, Virginia. I grew up when these things were pretty common and worth a couple hundred bucks. To spend $1,300 on one that isn’t in mint condition is crazy. Even if it were in mint condition,… Read more »