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For Sale: 1974 Honda CB360 (Alexandria, Virginia) $1,600

I found this 1974 Honda CB360 for sale in Alexandria, Virginia. It’s a half-done project. According to the seller it doesn’t run. It has new Mikuni’s, but the air intake needs to be recalibrated. It also doesn’t have any mufflers, so that’s probably adding to the issue of it not running. The entire air, fuel… Read more »

For Sale: 1970 Yamaha R5 (Richmond, Virginia) $2,500

I found this ’70 Yamaha R5 for sale on Craigslist in Richmond, Virginia. The seller refers to it as a cafe race. It’s not. It could be, but it looks pretty stock to me. To be a cafe racer, I’d need to see something that looks like this. Also, I don’t know where the seller… Read more »

1977 Yamaha RD400 by MotoHangar

The Yamaha RD400 is a noisy, unreliable hunk of awesomeness. I want one. And I really want one from MotoHangar in Vienna, Virginia. If only I had an extra $9,000 piled up in the corner collecting dust, I’d put in my order today. If I did have the cash, I think it would be totally… Read more »

For Sale: 1973 Honda CB350 (Richmond, Virginia)

I found this 1973 Honda CB350 for sale in Virginia. It sounds like the owner did all of the work himself to make into a cafe racer. It looks really nice. There’s always more you can do to a bike, but this thing looks pretty much done. I’d have a hard time paying $2,500 for… Read more »


Located in Vienna, Virginia, MotoHangar is building some impressive bikes. The most recent custom motorcycles posted on the website is a 1974 Honda CB550. I love it. It’s a beautiful bike.