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Tarmac Custom Motorcycles

Tarmac Custom Motorcycles is located in Vigo, Spain. The crew at Tarmac isn’t lighting the world on fire with their insane creativity, but they are cranking out some really nice looking custom bikes.

1979 BMW R100 RS by Fuel Motorcycles

Fuel Motorcycles located in Barcelona does some impressive work on BMW R100s and R80s. This BMW R100 RS is just one example. It has custom exhaust, custom solo seat, push-button ignition, Mikuni carbs, custom-built sub-frame, battery box, new lights, gauges, etc. I love the way the exhaust runs through the number plate.

Fuel Motorcycles

Located in Barcelona is Fuel Motorcycles. They seem to focus exclusively on building custom BMWs – R100s and R80s. Their work is very clean. They aren’t creating motorcycles that look like sharks, but they are building some really impressive trials, trackers and scramblers.