For Sale: 1978 Yamaha SR500 (Rockville, Maryland) $5,000

1978 Yamaha SR500

1978 Yamaha SR500

I love these Yamaha SR500s, and here’s one in Rockville, Maryland.

The seller is asking $5,000 for it and it has a burnt out headlight. I could see spending $3,000 for this bike. The same seller tried to get $5,000 for the bike back in May.

There are no performance upgrades, but it does look pretty cool. I’d worry about that burnt out headlight though. Does that indicate the bike has electrical issues? If I were selling it, I’d buy a new bulb for the headlight.

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I thought I recognized this bike when you posted it back in May! It’s an early Vintage Steele! (see website link I posted).


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