Antifascist Radio

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This is a radio station for antifascists. It's for anyone who thinks fascism sucks.

Technically, this is a true online streaming radio station. Services like Apple Music are more like jukeboxes where the listener can pick any song to play. This isn't like that. This is a radio station. So everyone who tunes in hears the same exact thing. If you mute the station, it still keeps broadcasting, it can't be stopped.

I hope you enjoy it.


Submit Your Tracks

If you've got music, commentary or any audio that might be interesting to antifascists, submit it.

There's no guarantee it will get played, but here are some things to avoid.

This radio station is for the hard left. Music is the best to submit.

Submit Tips and Events

Each Daily news segments are recorded, if you've got something you would like included in a broadcast, send an email.

These tips can be anything from letting anyone listening in the Nashville area of an event or gathering. You might want to promote your organization, so let us know what you're doing, what you need help with.

Submit Radio Content